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Exploring Photography as a way to Well Being

Photography for mental health and well-being

Creativity has for some time been known have considerable benefits to mental health and general well-being. As someone who has used it, primarily with a camera, to help me through PTSD and to recover from self doubt and lacking self-worth, I can testify to its benefits.

Indeed, research mental health sites and its benefits are clear. Photography is my genre, my way to be creative.

So, as I have benefitted, I like to share and give back. My courses can easily be adapted to suit any group or people. Where appropriate I incorporate the 5 Ways to Well Being (Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Give.)

Each course is designed to be both as affordable and accessible as possible and be enjoyed with any type of camera, from the humble phone to the most advanced digital set up.

During courses we can explore areas such as:

  • Gaining confidence in whatever you want from your camera and photography.
  • Linking photography to the 5 Ways to Wellness
  • Create ideas for photographs and well being.
  • How to be creative and never leave the house.
  • Explore the elements of an image
  • Connect images and thoughts / words, something I have benefited from.
  • Share ideas and knowledge.

At present these course are being delivered via Zoom. They are adaptable to suit either a days course (10pm – 4pm) or over a number of weeks at 90 minute sessions. Each course can be adapted to fit the clients specific needs. Contact me to discuss your requirement.

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