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Exploring Photography as a way to Well Being

Mindful Photography

Before I learnt the basics and gave mindfulness the opportunity to change my life, the mere word ‘mindful’ put me off. I didn’t want to spend all my life on a remote hilltop trying to do the impossible and ‘empty my mind.’ For many reasons this was not what I wanted, for many more reasons it is why I didn’t understand mindfulness let alone mindful photography. Far from emptying the mind mindfulness is being fully present and fully engaged with whatever we’re doing at the moment. We are free from distractions, free from judgement. Far from ignoring our thoughts and emotions, we acknowledge them without getting caught up in them.

Finding this changed my life and I enjoy sharing that with others. It opens up new ways to be in and see a moment and in doing so creates endless ways to see an image. In short it is calming, beneficial for our mental health and well being and yes, really quite liberating.

Each course is kept as affordable and accessible as I can make them and can be designed around your needs and expectations, making them inclusive and possible for all.

Course content:

  • The basics of mindfulness practice.
  • Exploring how photography can be mindful.
  • Practical in being mindfully present.
  • Exploring what is mindful photography?
  • Practical exercise in mindful practice and mindful photography.
  • Space to receive images around us and take photographs.
  • Space to discuss and share if needed.

Duration: These courses can run over a day or weekend with costs according to the length.


  • Please bring your own camera, whatever device you are used to…film camera, digital, tablet or phone.
  • All courses, weather and mobility permitting seek to use the outdoors so please bring suitable attire and footwear for the forecast. Courses will always be mindful of mobility considerations.
  • Please bring your own lunch or refreshments unless otherwise stated. Tea and Coffee may be available dependent upon facilities.

Tickets available:

Cost for the day:

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Mindful Photography Welsh Back
Mindful Photography St Nics Market

Faith Reformation Assignment Sheffield:

“Adrian is lovely chap, easy to work with and great at taking onboard your ideas and then producing something far better than you originally imagined. We had invited to Adrian to take photos of ‘doors’ as part of a project to celebrate the anniversary of the Reformation. We were worried that there wasn’t enough good subject material and it was all a bit boring. Adrian’s artistic eye caught images that were beautiful, meaningful and captivating’.

Suzanne (Project Coordinator.)

07976 362 615