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London Nights

Date: 23rd April

Time: 8.30pm – 10.30pm

Cost: £30.00 (Half price for those doing my Shoreditch Day workshops.)


For me, along with New York there is nowhere quite like London at night. It seems to take on a new character, vibrancy and more. For photographers like me it is a dream. And the best part, even bad weather can be our best friend at night as those neon signs create reflections and colour and a playground for photographers.

But no matter the weather it can be hard to decide where to go to photograph London at night.

So, for this workshop Adrian will base us around the Liverpool Street area. Why here of all places?

Well, this is an area where so much seems to come together for the night enthusiast. From the main A10 road with its opportunities for light trails, the skyscraper buildings for cityscapes, some of Instagram’s most iconic buildings structures and some dark alleyways where black and white can come into its own.

As a group we will walk, talk, share and learn together where you have been taking images for years or this is a complete beginning. There is always something here for those with everything from camera phones to the latest ‘kit.’

On this workshop I will provide whatever support, tuition or help you want including on:

  • Being creative at night with light trails, bokeh, reflections and colour.
  • Understanding our camera or camera phones better, getting the best from its settings.
  • Explore compositions and creative images.
  • Use of light and shade.
  • Seeing how white balance can be your friend at night, changing the way we capture this area.

This is the chance to get out with a professional photographer, with other people, at night and to try something new.

2 hours