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Introduction to Photography

I don’t call these courses, ‘back to basics’ on purpose. Why? Because there is an assumption amongst some of us, of what those basics are. These courses are jargon free and for anyone, of any age, picking up any photographic tool for the first time.

Whether that be the humble or not so humble phone, tablet, compact, DSLR or even, because yes they are still used, film cameras, this course is for you.

Over the years I have run courses for all ages from primary school age, (under the name the ‘Lens Factor’). Again, the courses are designed for all ages, just as long as you want the total basics.


2 hours (dependent on age)


  • Please bring your own camera, whatever device you are used to…film camera, digital, tablet or phone.
  • All courses, weather and mobility permitting seek to use the outdoors so please bring suitable attire and footwear for the forecast. Courses will always be mindful of mobility considerations.
  • Please bring your own lunch or refreshments unless otherwise stated. Tea and Coffee may be available dependent upon facilities.

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