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Exploring Photography as a way to Well Being

Community Photography

Part of the 5 ways to well-being is ‘giving.’ This isn’t here about giving financially but of our time, energy and experiences. It is about giving something of ourselves to others. For me, having benefitted greatly from being part of a community group it is about sharing or look on You Tube and search ‘Pay it forward.’

This is not about traditional Photography Clubs. This is about me, helping you to set up your own groups within your particular community, giving the tools so to speak to help your community facilitate its own group where photography can benefit others well-being.

In 2020 Covid changed our lives and lockdown impacted the mental health and well being for many. At that time, I started a new on-line Facebook Group for people to take images either in the home or garden or during their daily exercise. Within the space of lockdown over 130 joined the group and benefitted from sharing images and being connected to others. The group were shortlisted for a national arts award. Nothing gets me more excited than sharing the experiences for me and others and helping communities large or small set up their own groups.



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